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If you love Museums, then you’re already a friend. If you’re not, am pretty sure that it won’t be long before you’d be making those round trips to & fro a Museum in your city because these places are quite addictive once you’ve been bitten by the bug.
Wondering what could possibly be so attractive about a building that houses the past? To be honest, when I ask children why history might be even relevant or important, they chirp the much-cliched “because to know the present or future,we must know the past” without the slightest understanding of what possibilities history or heritage can offer us!
Personally I love Museums because they make me a better person, plus I get to travel.
Let me explain the travel bit first.
Every opportunity we get, we like to pack our bags and just set out, isn’t it? What is it that we seek? A new experience of a place – perhaps the food; maybe sightseeing; probably meeting people from another culture – and truly, all that is possible at a Museum! If you don’t believe me, subscribe and start discovering Museums the fun way!

About how Museums make me a better person:
I take it as a challenge to stand in front of one painting or object for 20 minutes just to count the number of things I can observe or to see the number of (sensible) Questions I can come up with. Believe it or not but there are at least 80 things one object can tell you!

* And just like that, every museum visit  I learn about growing my own curiosities and observation even if I don’t learn more about the historical part (which is really okay)!
PS: If you have a Museum Adventure, do share it with me on Twitter / Instagram with #MyMuseumStory
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The Heritage Lab is a platform that connects citizens & museums through engaging content, resources and varied campaigns, workshops and events; making the experience of the museum surprising, lively and always memorable.
To make Museums more accessible, inclusive and FUN,  we have you covered with some free resources / downloads & worksheets / games / DIY tours and more!
At schools, we bring the arts to life, encouraging students through study and creative play, to discover the spirit of imagination while connecting curriculum to museum collections.  Read more about our school programs and workshops.
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My Story: Back in school, while I loved History & the Arts, I gave in to parental (and other know-it-all-adults) advice and ended up pursuing an MBA. Just before I could take up a corporate (read fancy and well paying) job, recession hit India real bad and I got the chance of a lifetime to start something new while taking up a job at a local non-profit. And guess what – I went back to the arts – and started up “Happy Hands” – a non profit to support artisans and craftspeople who I had met during an earlier internship. Yes, in my case I was fortunate that internships did what they were supposed to, and led me on a wild wild journey. From 2009 I travelled across countless villages in about 12 states of India meeting with artisans, learning about our folk arts, crafts, tribal beliefs and so much more while working on innovative approaches to design and market access. In starting and sustaining a nonprofit there are major challenges and I faced them too but some awesome friends, family, interns / volunteers / employees / fellows and the artists; media support and encouraging grants kept me going!
In 2015, I was working on a Traveling Museum project. I had been announced a Rolex Young Laureate shortlist and that fund along with a supporting grant from Ford Aspire led me to create the Hampi-Vijaynagar Empire Traveling Museum Education kit with the artisans at Happy Hands.
I moved to Chandigarh after my surprise-wedding (I have too many adventures) –  with a growing museum-crush, a new city to explore and with so much learning to share, The Heritage Lab became a natural result of my curiosities, experiments and that insane need to keep taking risks, and my craving for new mountains to climb.
My experience & the Projects I’ve worked on,  in the arts & entrepreneurship space have inspired me to explore Museums and Built Heritage in a very unique, fun-filled way and that’s all I want to share right here on this platform.
  • I am hugely passionate about India’s arts, heritage and culture and strongly feel these should be accessible to everyone without the distinction of gender, economics or geographical boundaries.
  • I enjoy experimenting with new technology and media and jump at every opportunity to merge it with the arts!
  • I love seeing India participate in global media campaigns, especially on social media. I loved coordinating MuseumWeek & Art+Feminism campaigns with Indian Museums especially because I met so many people who share my passion.
  • I borrow my energy from the younger ones around me and so am always happy sharing and learning new things (including new games kids come up with in school)
  • I believe in OpenSource! Information in Museums and Institutions has to be accessible to public – it is one of our basic rights.
  • I think we need to give Museums in India a chance to tell us how awesome they really are. The effort however has to be made by us, visitors!
Workshops I Conduct: 
  • Educational :
    Creative & Critical Inquiry for school students, connecting curriculum to Museum collections & heritage
  • Communicating the Museum
    Brand / Digital Media / Visitor Interaction Strategy
  • Culture & Youth Engagement:
    Immersive experiences with /at / for your Institution
Consultancy Work :
  • Alternative approaches to engaging children with the arts in your School.
  • Creative ways to engage audiences / visitors at the Museum
  • Strategies for branding & communicating the Museum / Heritage Site
  • Technology in your Museum / Historical Site
  • Content for your Museum / Historical Site
  • Campaign Planning & Implementation
  • Curated Programming for Specific Audiences
  • Traditional Arts / Artist based programming such as workshops or commissioned work
  • To figure where to invest in the arts (CSR consulting for the Companies with a heart for art)

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