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When we speak of Mughal women in the context of Jahangir, Nur Jahan is the first one who comes to mind. However, she was only one (and the last) of his many wives. In those times, marriages not only meant getting a life partner, but also a political and diplomatic ally. Rajput Princess Man Bai (Shah Begum) was one such lady who entered the Mughal court through this route. Her short but tragic life does not find much mention in…


Who doesn’t know Nur Jahan? The wife of Emperor Jehangir, the Padshah Begum was truly an influential figure at the Mughal court. As a generous patron of arts and architecture, she is credited with many artistic and architectural achievements. Several mosques, serais, tombs and gardens were built in her name. One such recipient of her patronage was the Nurmahal Serai…

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