Shilpi Das

Shilpi Das is a student of English Literature. She is currently engaged in her PhD research on the rediscovery of the 20th century women painters of India.

There have been numerous women painters in twentieth century India but unfortunately most of them remain under-represented. Atasi Barua is one such painter who has remained unnoticed since years. One would think that being from the Tagore family, she would have received her share of recognition, but this has clearly not been the case! Like Sunayani Devi , web-search results about Atasi Barua too, hardly reveal anything. Thus, Women’s History month seems like a fitting occasion to honour this talented…

sunayani devi

When we think of artists from pre-independence India, Raja Ravi Verma, Abanindranath Tagore or Nandalal Bose come to mind. However, it wasn’t an all-boys club, as these names seem to suggest. Women artists of the same time haven’t been recognised and in some cases, have been conveniently forgotten. Sunayani Devi is one such artist who gets left out of the…

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