Srishti Sood

Srishti is an abundantly curious individual who counts history, poetry and chocolate as her many first loves. As the Editor of The Heritage Lab she does her bit to breathe fresh life into how museums are perceived in India. She's currently studying Cultural Anthropology at the University College, London.

The competition was tough, the prize impressive. Among the many strong contenders were influential members of the avian fraternity- the Great Indian Bustard, the Sarus crane, the Garuda and the Swan. But only one would rise above the rest and bag the top honour- the national bird status.  We all know how that story ends. In 1963, the Peacock became the National Bird of India. However, the magnificent blue bird with its exquisite plumage was an icon from much earlier…

A 21st Century Retelling of Laur & Chanda’s Romance

Some stories get handed over as batons from one generation to the next. But only rarely do we find stories which seem to belong to the wrong generation! Maulana Daud’s folk romance Laur Chanda was written in the 14th century but has all the trappings of a 21st century love story. That got us thinking, what would the story look…

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