Surabhi Sharman

Surabhi Sharman is a recent postgraduate in History of Art from National Museum Institute, New Delhi. She has a postgraduate degree in Arts and Cultural Management from King's College, London and an undergraduate degree in History from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. She is interested in history, heritage, art, culture studies and gastronomy.

When Lord Curzon announced the the decision to partition Bengal  in 1905, little did he know it would lead to the rise of the first “Swadeshi” movement. The movement used the weapon of swadeshi or indigenousness to economically cripple the British government and to promote the ideal of self-reliance. The nationalist movement spread to the sphere of art, and artists soon began to use swadeshi as an ideology to revive Indian art. As part of the Swadeshi movement, many indigenous industries and enterprises were…

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