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Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, or Vinayaka, is one of the best-known and worshipped Hindu deities. As the God of Beginnings, and the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is commonly invoked by devotees to make new beginnings auspicious and solve problems. The pot-bellied deity with an elephant-head and a sweet tooth is one of the most adored in India. The Upcycled Ganesha Sculpture at the Heritage Transport Museum Analogous to his role as Goddess Parvati’s doorkeeper, you find the Elephant-God greeting…

shantiniketan art

Art Tour : Shantiniketan

If you’d ask a Bengali, you’d find that Shantiniketan is not a place – it’s a way of life.  As the name suggests, it is the “abode of peace”,  and it’s very ambience transports you to another world! Shantiniketan is only a couple of hours by road from the city of Kolkata and well-connected by rail. Even then, the place…

germany museum training

In Germany : Short Term Training for Museum Professionals from Developing Countries

Rave Scholarships support further practical training for young curators, restorers, museum technicians and cultural managers who have arranged a guest period, a practical training or non-paid work at a museum, at a non-commercial gallery or at a non-commercial cultural institution in Germany. This scholarship is for: curators restorers museum technicians cultural managers ELIGIBILITY Candidates who are from a transformation or…

mumbai art deco

A Tour of Mumbai’s Art Deco Architecture

Think Art Deco, and you’d instantly think of Miami, Paris or New York City. In Miami, the age of Instagram has ensured tourists set out on a hunt for art-deco photographs.  The scene in Mumbai though, is slightly different.  Even as the city hosts the world’s second largest collection of art-deco buildings,  most locals and tourists, tend to whizz past…

This Diamond Necklace commissioned by an Indian Maharaja is the Star of a Hollywood Movie!

When a Hollywood movie combines Museums and Indian Maharaja-archives, it’s got to be one you cannot miss! The French luxury designer brand ‘Cartier’ recently re-created a legendary diamond necklace for the movie ‘Ocean’s 8’.  In the movie, a crew put together by Sandra Bullock aims to steal this necklace at the famous Met Gala. Now here’s the amazing part…

cimam annual conference grant

Getty Foundation Travel Grant: CiMAM 2018 Annual Conference Stockholm

Annual Conference : The Museum in Transition Over 3 days, the 2018 CiMAM Annual Conference in Stockholm (2-4 November) covers  4 keynote and 8 perspective presentations, 3 panel discussions, 2 workshops and organized visits to the foremost art institutions and collections in the city. Conference travel grant : Getty Foundation CIMAM offers more than 15 travel grants to curators, researchers and…

yoga art

Yoga : A Story in Art

Born in India, raised by the world, the art of ‘Yoga’ has a fascinating story to tell.  In over 4000 years of it’s existence, Yoga is now a multi-million dollar industry and has taken many forms. My favourite asana though is the one in which you sit in front of your laptop, looking at art! So join me, relax yourselves…

open call kolkata photographers

#OpenCall for Photographers: Kolkata – Then & Now

Then and Now series is a Roli Books project which explores the history of the city using photographic narratives. The book aims to publish the finest, most interesting images of Kolkata sourced from private and public collections from all over the world. This is a call-for-submission of images of Kolkata for the upcoming edition of Calcutta Then/Kolkata Now (text by Sunanda…

rani of jhansi

Rani Laxmibai : The Warrior Queen of Jhansi

On this day, that is June 18, we remember the legendary Queen of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai. Often tagged as India’s Joan of Arc, the Queen was a heroine of the 1857 War of Independence (Mutiny). Her legacy lives on today, immortalised by the several stories and songs about her valour. In 1943, the Indian National Army paid her a tribute…

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