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Have you recently visited a museum or heritage site which made a strong impact?
Or have an interesting story about your favourite art object?
Maybe you’ve unearthed an exciting, everyone-must-know-his tale among a dusty archive?
If you have such a story and don’t know what to do about it, PITCH IT TO US! We’re always on the lookout for smart, original pieces on everything art, culture, history and museums.


Research based
  • Culture (festivals, national symbols, cuisine, myths/folklore etc.)
  • History (important events in history, people)
  • Museums (guides/must-see objects, curated walks at museums)
  • Travel (places of interest, monuments, heritage tours, etc.)
  • Exhibition reviews
  • Indian Artists (art-history related)
  • Interesting Objects (including teaching ideas)

If you work at a museum, you can also write about :

  1. an object from your collection + Education related / activity ideas
  2. Constructive reflections on the state of the field
  3. Lessons learned from an ongoing / recently concluded project at your museum

Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t fit these categories. If you think it’s a good fit for our  platform, pitch us anyway. We’re open to suggestions!


At the Heritage Lab, our motto is accessibility. We publish content that is

  • simple, yet informative (avoid jargon as far as possible)
  • tells high quality, relevant stories
  • entertaining and educational

Before you pitch,

  • Keep in mind the length of your piece. It has to be atleast 700-900, and longer if it is research oriented.
  • Go through the website and get a feel for what we write about and the tone we use. Your pitch is most likely to get selected if we see you’ve done that research.
  • Make sure it’s on a topic we’ve not published before.
  • Focus on how you’ll connect your readers to history, culture or museums.

Ready, set, PITCH!

What are you waiting for?


  • Articles should be original content that has not been published elsewhere
  • The Heritage Lab (THL) reserves the right to turn down any post that isn’t a good fit for the blog
  • THL is not required to use the photos submitted with the post if they are not a good fit; in that case, the editor will supply appropriate photos to go with the post
  • THL will adjust or replace titles as needed  for consistency and clarity and can make minor edits without author approval

Once you become an approved Writer at THL, you can send your future article-pitches to us  by email.  On submitting at least 3 articles you will be given access to your own dashboard for direct submissions.

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