Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Heritage Lab!

If you are passionate about Museums, art, history, and culture, we’d love to hear your personal cultural experiences especially if you can share about museum visits (or favourite objects), heritage sites, and art learning.

Please review the following guidelines before filling out the pitch form below.

What are We Looking for in a Pitch?

We seek articles at least 700-900 words. It can be longer if it is a research-oriented piece.
Read other posts on our website to get a feel for the tone we use.
We’re simple, yet informative; excited about history, discovering museums, art and artists!
Make sure we haven’t already covered the topic you’re pitching. Use our site-search to check.
Focus on being innovative and relevant. How will your post help readers connect to history, culture or museum collections?

Types of Posts You Can Pitch:

Research Based
  • Culture (festivals, national symbols, cuisine, myths/folklore etc.)
  • History (important events in history, people)
  • Museums (guides / objects to see at museums)
  • Travel (places of interest, monuments, city-walks, etc.)
  • Indian Artists (art-history related)
  • Interesting Objects (including teaching ideas)
If you work at a museum, you can also write about :
  1. an object from your collection + Education related / activity ideas
  2. Constructive reflections on the state of the field
  3. Lessons learned from an ongoing / recently concluded project at your museum

Fill the form here. 

Once you become an approved Writer at THL, you can send your future article-pitches to us  by email.  On submitting at least 3 articles you will be given access to your own dashboard for direct submissions.


•Articles should be original content that has not been published elsewhere
•The Heritage Lab (THL) reserves the right to turn down any post that isn’t a good fit for the blog
•THL is not required to use the photos submitted with the post if they are not a good fit; in that case, the editor will supply appropriate photos to go with the post
•THL will adjust or replace titles as needed  for consistency and clarity and can make minor edits without author approval

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