We work with different partners on creating / nurturing public-engagement campaigns, focused on Museums & Heritage.

Campaigns are a fun way for Museums to connect not just with their own visitors / audiences but with other Museums too, and at a global level. In today’s time when technology allows us to be limitless and without boundaries,  these organised interactions  have a special way of bringing like minded people closer together to learn and engage. Check out some of the fun campaigns we have been recently been part of / organised and grown with!

Museum Week

The UNESCO-powered Museum Week is a global social network campaigns, and a week full of non-stop engagement with the worldwide museum community. This week is a boon for museums that wish to interact with visitors, fans, prospective visitors and show their fun side by creating thematic content for different social media channels.

In 2017, in a rare partnership with the Ministry of Culture, we had almost 11 museums from India participate. Our united effort paid off, reaching 9,52,000 people!

In 2018, India’s participation has only increased!

Ask a Curator

Ask – A – Curator day is a worldwide Twitter Q&A . It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to. It’s open to everyone: museums, galleries, theatres, and more. You can ask anything that you’re curious about or want more information on.

Art + Feminism India

Art + Feminism is a global movement to bring women’s art and media to Wikipedia pages.  For the first time, we got the campaign to India creating and expanding articles and information on India’s women artists & those that feature prominently in our culture.

Museum Partners: National Museum New Delhi,   Government Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh, Piramal Museum of Art Mumbai, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art Delhi

Handmade Tales

The intangible elements of heritage such as memories, traditions and skills often receive the least attention. We draw on our intangible heritage daily and often in very personal ways; the way we live is derived from traditions both consciously and unconsciously passed down. These traditions are fluid and mingle with modern circumstances and influences. This is why memory and tradition can be so easily lost – it naturally evolves and sometimes disappears before we notice. Nevertheless, in a perpetually changing world it is important to find a place for those traditions that carry meaning even after the relevance of their original purposes fades.

Many of these traditions have been manifested in handmade items – be it hand-woven rugs/embroidered shawls, folk art pieces, old utensils, jewellery, or even musical instruments which lent melody to songs offered to deities during important rituals!

However, as we advance technologically, and innovate on processes, crafting techniques evolve, as does tradition, and somewhere we lose memory of that which existed originally.

In an effort to celebrate our past, and those small tokens of yesteryear’s culture, we invite YOU to be part of the “Handmade Tales: Archiving Intangible Heritage” project.

Handmade Tales is a campaign intended to be an online repository of photographs and brief descriptions of traditional objects/crafts/textiles etc. which are representative of India’s intangible heritage and emerging culture.

Through this online repository, we hope to give a voice to all those priceless memories and treasures which many families have kept safe – so the children of the new India can cherish their rich heritage for years to come.

A project kickstarted by Happy Hands Foundation

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