Art+Feminism is a global initiative which addresses the gender gap on Wikipedia by improving content on ‘women in the arts’. It is a do-it-yourself and do-it-with-others campaign that runs across the month of March (Women’s History Month). In India it is currently in its third year. 


In today’s age, since the internet is the go to method for accessing any information, Wikipedia is by default our first reference guide. However, globally less than 15% of its editors identify as women in India, this number is even lesser. Because of this, its content also suffers. Without enough representation from women in the preservation of their own stories, we get skewed content that misses the mark on the value and existence of their impact on history. For example, you may find a more complete article on the Tagore brothers than you would on Sunayani Devi; there is hardly any information about artist B.Prabha  ! Art+Feminism tries to plug these gaps while also promoting more women to edit Wikipedia.


To improve public awareness of women artists, The Heritage Lab has been running the India chapter of Art+Feminism for the past two years.  In previous editions, we have partnered with institutions like the National Museum, Delhi; Piramal Museum of Art, Mumbai; and Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh. We have achieved more than 200 edits across 50 volunteers, with a total of 20 thousand words being added to Wikipedia. Through the efforts of our volunteers, female artists like Lajita Lajmi , Phulan Rani , Nilima Sheikh , Mrinalini Mukherjee and Jaya Appasamy as well as female characters from history / mythology such as Vasantsena (National Museum) and Amrapali are now represented on Wikipedia.  

may, 2019

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  1. Volunteer– We are looking to build city-wide teams of volunteers who will help us run the events.  Find the link to the form here.
  2. Attend / Participate – Come to one of our events and help edit Wikipedia more inclusive! If you have not edited before, don’t worry – you shall be guided through the process (and it’s quite simple, really!) You can edit Wikipedia in your regional language also. But remember to bring you laptop. For updates and regional  schedule, follow us here or subscribe to be notified!
  3. Partner with us– If you are a museum, organisation or cultural institution who would like to host an edit-a-thon in your city, contact us at Read our FAQ document to learn more.


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