february, 2019

08feballday20maralldayBaluchar: The Woven Figurative Silks of BengalNational Museum, New Delhi


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Weavers Studio Resource Centre (WSRC), Kolkata in collaboration with the National Museum, New Delhi will be mounting an exhibition on the historic Baluchar textiles of Bengal in February 2019 at the Museum. The exhibition will showcase prominent museum and private collections. This three-hundred-old weaving tradition known for its unique pictorial representation inspired by the prevailing socio-cultural and artistic conditions began in the Nawabi centre of Murshidabad. Over time, this art form disappeared only to be revived in Bishnupur and Varanasi. Despite the revived textiles differed in techniques, materials and aesthetics, it was a continuation of this unique heritage. The interactive exhibition will educate the viewer on various aspects and contexts of the Baluchar textile tradition.


February 8 (Friday) - March 20 (Wednesday)


National Museum, New Delhi

National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi


Weavers Studio Resource Centre 5/1 Anil Moitra Rd, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019

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