Jamini Roy, Tagore and a sholapith – terracotta Durga are essential to every Bengali household and my grandparents’ home wasn’t any different. Of all the three, I found Jamini Roy’s art to be most child-friendly and fun. Yesterday was this iconic artist’s 130th birthday, and the Google-Doodle brought back many childhood memories – which is why, I created this post with a Jamini Roy Activity Sheet for children (and adults!) Before we begin to appreciate the art of Jamini roy, we must…

2016 has been quite a year for our country and most people are only too glad that its coming to an end. While a new year brings with it, new hope and excitement, I think there is a certain romance about reflecting on the year gone by and catching the beauty of it! So here I am revisiting 5 amazing art-museum exhibitions that made 2016 totally worth it! 1. Tabiyat : Health & Human Body at CSMVS, Mumbai This is…

By Namrata Ganguly Possibly India’s largest public artwork project to date, Jaya He Museum at the Mumbai International Airport, spans across Terminal 2 and is a landmark corporate initiative to safeguard an immense cultural resource. Jaya He Museum provides the artisans with a unique platform to showcase their arts and crafts, many of which are dwindling due to a lack of opportunities. Envisioned in 2009 by Sanjay Reddy, Vice-Chairman of GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited, who wished to create an airport…

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Having been brought up in a Bengali household, the run up to Durga Puja & Dussehra would always be full of Mahisasur-Mardini stories, and it is only on Diwali that I would revise the little I knew of Ramayana.  Working in the crafts space for 8 years now, I’ve seen how different episodes and Rama stories inspire artists not only across India, but various South-east asian countries. And then, the other night I went for my first Ram-Leela. The story was told slightly differently from the one I kne

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The Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI) is pleased to call for applications to the 2017 Smithsonian Institution Fellowship and affiliated programs. Programs now accepting applications include: The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (for Graduate Students, Predoc Students, Postdoc Researchers, and Senior Researchers) The Smithsonian Postgraduate Fellowship in Conservation of Museum Collections The Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship (SARF) The application deadline for these programs is now Thursday, December 1, 2016. For more information, go to

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