Republished with Permission from Rama Arya’s Blog A nondescript placard on the wall reads: “Buddhist Stupa, 2nd Century BC, Bharhut, Madhya Pradesh.” I turn around and almost knock into a magnificent red sandstone 9-feet high railing and 23-feet high gateway, teetering in awe at its grandeur and proximity. It is covered profusely with intricate imagery of secular life and Buddhist teachings in 2nd Century BC India. Short inscribed labels in Brahmi script record the names of donors. The monumental piece…

February started with a spree of young 6th-graders joining the ICCL workshop series hosted by The Heritage Lab at the Govt. Museum & Art Gallery in Chandigarh. The last time around, I used storytelling as a technique to familiarise students with the Gandhara collection and the life of Gautam Buddha. This time, I also wanted to encourage students to question, and be as creative as possible. For adults, entering a museum space is often “boring” – so how could it…

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