Pondicherry is best explored and experienced on foot or by cycle. The gorgeous yellow and purple buildings in the White Town make for great photographs as do the ornate windows and doors. But there’s more to these buildings, and this post is precisely about the hidden stories of Pondicherry. I’ve created an interactive DIY Heritage Tour  (scroll till the end) for you and while its easier to follow the sequence I’ve mentioned, you can always make your own! It’s the stories that…

Along the Grand Trunk Road, Aam-Khas Bagh is tucked away in Sirhind (Fatehgarh Sahib), attracting few visitors to its expansive history. One thing I’ve never understood about monuments and heritage sites is the lack of any information display. At museums its a different thing because labels only allow for little space, but heritage sites have so many stories to tell. Online sources indicate that Aam-Khas Bagh (Public-Private Garden) was built by Babur, improved upon by Akbar but used mostly by…

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