If you’re a Roald Dahl fan like me, you’d recall the part where Grandpa Joe narrates the story of Prince Pondicherry who wrote to Willy Wonka, asking him to travel all the way to India and build a palace of chocolate! This Palace, as Wonka predicted, melted, but all the other architectural wonders in the town have stayed – some of it restored, and some under restoration; but the iconic Marie (French for town hall) building wasn’t as lucky and was…

Along the Grand Trunk Road, Aam-Khas Bagh is tucked away in Sirhind (Fatehgarh Sahib), attracting few visitors to its expansive history. One thing I’ve never understood about monuments and heritage sites is the lack of any information display. At museums its a different thing because labels only allow for little space, but heritage sites have so many stories to tell. Online sources indicate that Aam-Khas Bagh (Public-Private Garden) was built by Babur, improved upon by Akbar but used mostly by…

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