Some stories get handed over as batons from one generation to the next. But only rarely do we find stories which seem to belong to the wrong generation! Maulana Daud’s folk romance Laur Chanda was written in the 14th century but has all the trappings of a 21st century love story. That got us thinking, what would the story look like if it happened today? If you are as intrigued as we were, read on. Once upon a time, Bajir…

WHat IS IT?  This illustration is a page from the manuscript of the Janam-Sakhi ( Life Stories). While both illustrations above depict the same story, they are believed to find their origins in different artistic schools – Pahari (Guler), and Murshidabad and dates back to 1755-1770.  In view of the size of the following that Nanak attracted, numerous anecdotes concerning the deeds of the Guru began to circulate within the community soon after his death. Many of these were borrowed…

WHAT IS IT? Painted on paper, mounted on cotton, scrolls such as these were used as visual props in storytelling performances in India approximately around 1800 AD. Handprinted in Murshidabad, this scroll is around 13 meters in length, with 54 frames which narrate the story of Gazi and Manik – two Muslim saints or pirs.  Patua scroll artists use natural colours borrowed from leaves and fruits to create art work. WHAT IS THE STORY? Through scrolls, legends have been recorded of a…

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