Shubho Mahalaya!  As a child growing up with Bengali grandparents, this day meant about waking up to the sound of a booming voice on the radio, narrating a story I couldn’t particularly understand; it also meant, a celebration was coming and that there would be lots of delicious food. As we inch closer to the 9 days of pure fun,  I find that strange connect with the Goddess brewing up again and that’s the most special thing about Durga -…

The Introduction of Christianity Jesuit missionaries were the first group of Europeans to visit the Mughal court. They initially arrived at the Portuguese colony of Goa in 1542. At the invitation of Akbar (r. 1556-1605), there were altogether three Jesuit missions. The third was headed by Father Jerome Xavier (1549-1617) who arrived in Lahore in 1595 and remained at court until 1615. The Jesuits Rudolf Acquaviva, Antonio De Monserrate and Francisco Henriques took to the Mughal court 7/8 volumes of…

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