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Do you love photography and want to be inspired? Head to an Art-Museum to sharpen your skills and learn, says photographer-mom Trish Reschly from Kansas City. Read more for her pro-tips on composition, light, colour and more that you can learn from museums! 1. Find Your Voice What is it about this piece that grabbed your attention? What makes this specific piece stand out? How is this artist’s collection of work unique and recognizable from other artists? Is it the use…

Contributed by: Susmita Biswas Have you ever had to retrieve and preserve family photo albums at your grandmother’s home? It was an annual ritual at my grandmother’s home to replace the butter papers in between pages and air out the photos, so they don’t get moist and catch mould. We would even use a little dusting powder on the butter paper, just to make sure the paper does not get stuck to the photographs. It was a fun activity because…

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