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“The abstract art of Nasreen Mohamedi is a significant contribution to modernism, expanding the boundaries of western art history” Nasreen Mohamedi is India’s first woman abstract artist, and unrivalled at that.  While she remains little known in India (her home country),  her contribution to the world of modern art is celebrated proudly by Museums across the world.  At a time when “figurative art” was the trend, Nasreen Mohamedi interpreted the world through shapes, and more specifically, lines. Also Read: 5…

Explore the Himalayas : Paintings by Nicholas Roerich

People throughout human history have been fascinated with mountains. Their majesty fills us with wonder; for many , the mountains are religious abodes, while for others they are nature’s challenge, meant to be conquered! The Himalayas in Asia boast of some of the world’s highest peaks and consequently have attracted many explorers and expeditions over the years. Explore the Himalayas…


Look! 6 Paintings by S.H Raza : Ideas & Activities

Raza’s art is an example of how simple geometric shapes can convey powerful ideas.  Here’s a  deeper look into the art and philosophy of S.H Raza : India’s most famous contemporary abstract artist including activities for children ! The above quote could be so true for S.H Raza – one of India’s most famous contemporary abstract artists. When you think of Raza, you instantly think of…

jamini roy for children

Looking at Art : Jamini Roy Activity Sheet

Jamini Roy, Tagore and a sholapith – terracotta Durga are essential to every Bengali household and my grandparents’ home wasn’t any different. Of all the three, I found Jamini Roy’s art to be most child-friendly and fun. Yesterday was this iconic artist’s 130th birthday, and the Google-Doodle brought back many childhood memories – which is why, I created this post with a…

5 women artists of india

5 women artists of India that you must know!

Women’s History Month is coming to an end, and as promised, here’s my post on the 5 women artists of India along with activity suggestions for children. 1. Sahifa Banu Chances are, if you googled “women artists of India”, you’d come across a series of lists, with some names being common to every compilation. Interestingly, this important name has been omitted, or left…

amrita shergil

Looking at the art of Amrita Shergil : Activity

It’s really funny how art is so gendered and presumably “female” and yet somehow, if I asked you to name 5 women artists, you’d struggle. This is the month where every brand, every advertisement and every event focuses on “women”, so its only fair that we put some spotlight on some amazing women artists of India – starting with the…

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