Modern Artists


Raza’s art is an example of how simple geometric shapes can convey powerful ideas.  Here’s a  deeper look into the art and philosophy of S.H Raza : India’s most famous contemporary abstract artist including activities for children ! The above quote could be so true for S.H Raza – one of India’s most famous contemporary abstract artists. When you think of Raza, you instantly think of circles, triangles, squares and lines, in all shades of primary colours. It is these geometrical motifs that make him so…

It’s really funny how art is so gendered and presumably “female” and yet somehow, if I asked you to name 5 women artists, you’d struggle. This is the month where every brand, every advertisement and every event focuses on “women”, so its only fair that we put some spotlight on some amazing women artists of India – starting with the art of Amrita Shergil. With this post, I have also decided to address the frequent requests I get on putting…

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