Think Art Deco, and you’d instantly think of Miami, Paris or New York City. In Miami, the age of Instagram has ensured tourists set out on a hunt for art-deco photographs.  The scene in Mumbai though, is slightly different.  Even as the city hosts the world’s second largest collection of art-deco buildings,  most locals and tourists, tend to whizz past these fascinating buildings! With the inclusion of the Oval-Maidan precinct as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS), Mumbai’s Art-Deco buildings…

Jaya He Museum

Possibly India’s largest public artwork project to date, Jaya He Museum at the Mumbai International Airport, spans across Terminal 2 and is a landmark corporate initiative to safeguard an immense cultural resource. Jaya He Museum provides the artisans with a unique platform to showcase their arts and crafts, many of which are dwindling due to a lack of opportunities. Envisioned…

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