Women’s History Month is coming to an end, and as promised, here’s my post on the 5 women artists of India along with activity suggestions for children. 1. Sahifa Banu Chances are, if you googled “women artists of India”, you’d come across a series of lists, with some names being common to every compilation. Interestingly, this important name has been omitted, or left out and somehow has been lost in the pages of history. Unlike the Western Artists of the 17th, 18th and…

WHAT IS IT?   This sculpture of Ganesha, made of muscovite biotite schist  is believed to belong to the early 11th Century’s Pala Art School, and finds its origins in Bihar. “Pala” refers to the suffix in the name of rulers of the Pala Dynasty, which means, “protectors”. They were followers of Buddhism, and had a very strong hold in the Bengal and Bihar region. The Pala sculptural art is believed to bear influences from the Gupta period, and is recognised for the…

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