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March 01 - 31 2021

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From Siddharth to Buddha

At sharp 10:30 in the morning, a stream of students walked into the Museum Auditorium - for many of them, it was the first...


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A Dip into History: Mumbai’s Banganga Tank through the lens of Foy Nissen

Foy Nissen’s images of Mumbai are an invaluable archive of the city's heritage and architecture. After Nissen passed away, his legacy comprising gelatin prints,...

Kshitindranath Majumdar: The Saint Artist

When the Nationalism movement was at its peak, the artists of Bengal, under the tutelage of Abanindranath Tagore worked towards the renaissance of Indian...

Mughal Courtiers: the Favourites of Emperor Akbar

Akbar had the uncommon wisdom to keep a great many talented and capable men around him, many of whom became great friends of his....

From the library of Akbar : favourite books & stories!

What makes Akbar fascinating for a biographer are the dichotomies in his character. Despite the many myths and legends around him, Akbar remains an...

5 Animals the Mughal Emperor Akbar loved

One of the first, vivid images of the early childhood of Akbar is of the young shahzaada running through the countryside of Kabul with...

Charles Bartlett’s paintings of India : in Japanese woodblock prints!

Charles Bartlett (1860-1940) was a British painter and printmaker. He was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts (UK) and later trained at Paris....

Jallianwala Bagh : the history and legacy of the 1919 Baisakhi massacre in 3 artworks

The 3 piece (triptych) mixed media: 'Jallianwala:Repression and Retribution' explores the historical context, aftermath and legacies of the 1919 massacre. This thought-provoking artwork by...


Jamini Roy, Tagore and a sholapith - terracotta Durga are essential to every Bengali household and my grandparents' home wasn't any different. Of all...
Each year on January 26, India celebrates its Republic Day marking the end of its transition into an independent and sovereign country.  In 1950,...



Embrace Digital : Resources for Museums

The importance of social media for a cultural professional cannot be ruled out in an age where the focus is increasing on better ways to engage audiences. According to Smart Insights, 3.8 billion people have access to at least one social media platform, globally. This makes it one of...
In the past few years, leaders at cultural institutions have found themselves navigating a rapidly evolving digital landscape. From building a social media presence to using the platforms as a way to engage and connect with the community; from a listing on TripAdvisor to hosting virtual exhibitions - technology...
OpenGLAM is a global movement advocating open access to cultural heritage. As cultural heritage institutions around the world digitize their collections, there are many reflections and questions about public access to digital cultural heritage. Open GLAM Now! is a webinar series focusing on how galleries, libraries, archives and...


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