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The Heritage Lab is India’s first digital media platform connecting citizens to Museums, art and heritage. We seek to inspire wonder, awe, and curiosity about cultural heritage. We love to encourage the spirit of inquiry in children and adults – through fascinating museum objects and art.

We organize events for public engagement, publish content and stories from museums and the art-world, produce media including videos & podcasts (still in the making) for museums, provide digital and other training to museum staff, build / support campaigns like Art+Feminism, MuseumWeek, CultureThemes, etc. & share museum-based educational resources with educators.

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We strongly believe that Heritage is a community need, community-created and therefore is the responsibility of the community to support and preserve. So we invite YOU to join us in this endeavour.

To make Museums more accessible, inclusive and FUN,  we have you covered with some free resources & downloads / teaching ideas & worksheets / games / DIY tours and more! Please explore the website for these.

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At schools, we bring the arts to life, encouraging students through study and creative play, to discover the spirit of imagination while connecting curriculum to museum collections.

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We support and enable Museums to meet their objectives in a number of ways including digital strategy (not limited to social media),  advocacy and communications.

We also work with publications, and brands that are well in line with our mission.

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