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Welcome to The Heritage Lab

The Heritage Lab is India’s first digital media platform connecting citizens to Museums, art and heritage through campaigns, public-engagement programs & free access content for children and adults; families, educators and cultural professionals.


We organize events for public engagement with the arts, publish content and stories from museums and the art-world, produce media including videos & podcasts for museums, provide digital services & trainings to museum staff, build / support campaigns like #ArtAndFeminism, #MuseumWeek, #CultureThemes, etc. & share museum-based educational resources with educators.

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To make Museums more accessible, inclusive and FUN, we have you covered with:

Here you can discover fascinating objects and art; play games – piece jigsaws, take quizzes, and fill crosswords; download learning material and access educator resources and find your way around museums with our quick guides! If you are a cultural-professional, stay up to date with latest trends and news; grants and job opportunities under our Museum Revolution segment!

You can also Subscribe to our monthly /weekly dose of museums to explore,
art-lessons , event updates and more.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Today we support and enable Museums to meet their objectives in a number of ways including digital strategy (not limited to social media), advocacy and communications. We also work with publications, and brands that are well in line with our mission.

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We are eager to hear about your museum-experiences. You can also pitch story ideas to us. Write to us at [email protected]

Hello & Thank You for stopping by!

I am Medhavi, and I am an explorer at heart. But then, aren’t we all? I have a strange love for museums, handmade, and I dig stories rooted in culture – and since 2009, I have been wanting everyone to feel that way!
The journey has culminated into ‘The Heritage Lab’ – India’s first digital media platform connecting citizens to Museums, art and heritage. The idea is to inspire wonder, awe, and curiosity as we go about discovering different aspects of culture.

I find it a privilege to have been recognized for my work with India’s artisans and craftspeople; leading a range of projects, programs, fellowships to encourage public engagement with the arts and the spirit of inquiry in children and adults. Engaging with museums though, has truly widened my horizons 🙂 

I strongly believe that Heritage is a community need, community-created and therefore is the responsibility of the community to support and preserve. So I particularly refuse to believe that Heritage or Culture is a “niche” sector.

I ask for YOUR support to make this more mainstream! Here are little steps you can take: 

Visit Museums when you can, wherever you can! Share you experience on social media using #MuseumsEveryday. You can also submit a little note about your visit.

Attend Events : there are fun thematic walks, workshops, lectures (that word is probably making you yawn, but it’s literally a longer Pecha-Kucha you want to hear) at museums or city-walks nearly every month!

Engage Online : Read about art, museum objects and the fascinating connections they have to our lives today. Interested in health communication ? Travel…? Coffee? Food ? Museums tell stories about everything. They’re just waiting to be discovered. 
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