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 The Heritage Lab 

a digital media platform

sharing stories and resources from museums around the world, with a focus on South Asian art, history and culture.

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When we are not visiting museums or creating learning resources, we make art GIFs. 

We believe in: 

📜 Stories without (pay) Walls. Knowledge for All. 

Our stories and resources are contributed by museums around the world. Some are openly licensed and all stories are free to read, and access (without commercial ads!). Apart from the written word, we feature quizzes, games, illustrated comics, interactive maps and so on to tell stories. 

🪭 Celebrating culture – in all forms and formats!

We love to experiment and find new ways to engage with museum collections and their stories. Some of our favourite activities include making information visible on the internet through editathons and photowalks; art-meme campaigns and GIF-making workshops. We also host other participatory campaigns to create a space where everyone has the opportunity to celebrate and contribute to cultural heritage. 

✨ Research & Thinking Deeper 

Our resources and articles are referenced by leading universities around the world and in digital-humanities classrooms. Many of our readers love the old school long-form, well-researched stories – especially the ones that help us appreciate, draw parallels or critically question. From established authors, experienced researchers, and educators to students and cultural enthusiasts, The Heritage Lab’s community welcomes submissions from everyone. 

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