These Mughal Women

This campaign celebrates the women of the Mughal court, who despite their laudable contribution to the subcontinent's history, remain underrepresented.

Contrary to popular belief, Mughal women had real power and agency, unheard of, at the time anywhere else in the world! They were highly educated women who wielded enormous influence; led architectural projects, welfare schemes, businesses, wrote books, travelled alone - all while keeping the Empire at the centre of their interest.




Told through monuments, objects and art

5 Women Artists of the Mughal Court

Amidst the many treasures of Indian art at the Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi, is a rare painting from the Shahjahan-period. It shows a female...

Hamida Banu Begum : Akbar’s mother was a collector of books!

Apart from the wives and daughters of the Mughal Emperors, the matriarchs of the family played a critical role in establishing and keeping the...

Nurmahal : Nur Jahan’s serai in heart of Punjab

Who doesn't know Nur Jahan? The wife of Emperor Jehangir, the Padshah Begum was truly an influential figure at the Mughal court. As a...

Which Mughal Woman? When we played ‘Guess Who’ on Instagram

As part of our #TheseMughalWomen campaign, we gave our Instagram followers on a fun challenge. With just 6 clues, they had to guess which...

What these paintings tell us about Jahanara and Shah Jahan

Princess Jahanara is the quintessential #bosslady. Even in a family full of strong female figures, she stands out. Her extraordinary political clout, business acumen...

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