For Women’s History month, we are very excited to launch a special campaign with Aleph Books and Jaypore,  to celebrate the women of the Mughal court.  

While information on Mughal Emperors and their many conquests is readily accessible; there is little known about the women in their lives. Ira Mukhoty’s recent book ‘Daughters of the Sun’ challenges the European interpretation of the Harem, to chronicle (for the first time ) the pivotal role played by the women in the court.  

But who were the Mughal women?

From “…elderly matrons, young wives, children, servants, widowed relatives, divorced sisters and unmarried royal relatives…

 – you meet them all in the book published by Aleph Book Co! 

These are women who had real power and agency; unheard of at the time anywhere else in the world! They were highly educated women who wielded enormous influence; they led architectural projects, welfare schemes, businesses, wrote books, travelled alone… all while keeping the Empire at the centre of their interest. 

But the women of the Mughal Court, despite their laudable contribution to the subcontinent’s history, remain underrepresented.

So here we are, celebrating #TheseMughalWomen, and we invite you to join us! 



Everyone! No matter what part of the world you’re in, you can show your support in ways more than one. 


We invite travellers, educators, artists, writers, researchers –  to share any encounters you have had with ‘Mughal Women’. You can share artworks / paintings (by/featuring Mughal Women); objects from museums; a visit to a Tomb/Palace built by or for a Mughal woman; your experience of a Heritage Walk – or even illustrations / posters!
#TheseMughalWomen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or write to us at [email protected] with your entry to add to the Blog Parade! You can also view our list of suggested topics to get started. 

Attention: Cultural Institutions and Museums, please show us some of your interesting collections that connect to Mughal women and their contribution / legacy. What role did they play in furthering the Empire? Tell us the secrets or the obvious – we are eager to hear from you! 


We have 4 contests planned during March – May.  Sign up here for exclusive, early access to the Contests ! 
To participate, follow the Contest Rules and keep your fingers crossed for some very cool prizes! 


The lecture is scheduled to be held at the National Museum New Delhi on May 11, 2019. For those outside Delhi, stay tuned to the National Museum + Heritage Lab twitter handle.  On May 12, head to Twitter for a social media quiz! 

Your overall engagement with the campaign also gets you a specially curated Jaypore Hamper (only for those in India) worth 5000/- 

Download & Share #TheseMughalWomen graphics!

these mughal women
these mughal women
these mughal women
these mughal women
these mughal women
these mughal women

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