museumweek highlights

#MuseumWeek : Highlights from India

The much awaited Museum-Week 2018 finally came to an end last week, and admittedly, left us exhausted! If there's any such thing by the...

Nurmahal : Nur Jahan’s serai in heart of Punjab

Who doesn't know Nur Jahan? The wife of Emperor Jehangir, the Padshah Begum was truly an influential figure at the Mughal court....

What is GIF-IT-UP ?

GIFs enliven any conversation - in a span of a few seconds, they allow us to communicate emotions, reactions...

How Ask-A-Curator Day revealed the hidden-secrets at CSMVS Mumbai

Ever wondered what the oldest object in a collection is? Or whether a particular painting or exhibit has a hidden meaning? What does it...

Children at Museums

What is Children at Museums? “[email protected]”  is a digital initiative that encourages Museums to allow children to take over...
Art Feminism Government Museum

Art+Feminism 2017: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the Government Museum and Art Gallery

In 2017, the Heritage Lab organised the first ever Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh. Art+Feminism is a global campaign...

Art+Feminism 2017: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the National Museum, 2017

The internet has had a revolutionary impact on how we access and share information. With its arrival, a storehouse of knowledge is ever present...

A 21st Century Retelling of Laur & Chanda’s Romance

Some stories get handed over as batons from one generation to the next. But only rarely do we find stories which seem to belong...

Discover India with 8 Awesome Museums!!

In this digital-savvy world, museums are rediscovering new ways and tools to engage with their audiences - and Instagram is a hot favourite! In...
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