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A guide to discovering the art of India & its best artists!

Pursuit of a Dream: Elizabeth Brunner and India

Born in 1909 Nagykaniza, a small town in Hungary, Elizabeth Brunner was the daughter of painters Ferenc Sass and Elizabeth Sass-Brunner. Her...

In Paintings: The World of the Devgarh Painter Bagta

…धाभाई सामो भाई लालो चितारो बखतो उभो…..(..Dhabhai, Bhai Lalo, and Chitaro Bakhato are standing…) This part of...
ramkinkar baij self portrait

The Master Sculptor of India: Ramkinkar Baij

Born into a poor barber's family in Bengal's Bankura district, Ramkinkar Baij is considered to be the "Father of Modern Indian sculpture”....

‘Salam Chechi’ : a tribute to Malayali Nurses by artist Nilima Sheikh

Has it ever occurred to you, that as a new-born, our first source of comfort or the first warm hug came from...
anjolie ela menon jigsaw art

#MuseumJigsaw: a painting by Anjolie Ela Menon

Padmashree awardee Anjolie Ela Menon is among India’s leading modern artists and one of the earlier women artists to gain international recognition....

Crossword: Can you name #5WomenArtists from India?

Time to test your culture quotient - how well do you know India? For every Sunday now, we bring you a new...

Indusudha Ghosh : between art and revolution

The 20th century witnessed India rise from a jewel in Britain’s imperial crown to Independence. India’s struggle for freedom is an ongoing...

Remembering Damyanti Chowla : one of the finest modern artists of India

In 2020, we celebrate 100th birth anniversary of Damyanti Chowla - an important artist, who has been largely missing from Indian art-history...
Nilima Sheikh Kashmir

Each Night Put Kashmir in Your Dreams : a series by artist Nilima Sheikh

From being ‘paradise on earth’, to being stereotyped with images of violence and political unrest, Kashmir’s story has been the subject of...

Kshitindranath Majumdar: The Saint Artist

When the Nationalism movement was at its peak, the artists of Bengal, under the tutelage of Abanindranath Tagore worked towards the renaissance...
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