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Merging Museums and the Classroom with a focus on creative inquiry.

greatest mughal emperor

Who was the Greatest Mughal Emperor?

When we run creative learning modules with Class 7, Mughal history is where they have the most fun! There are so many "big questions"...
river creative inquiry

The River & Us: A Creative Inquiry Workshop using 3 Artworks from the Museum

Inside: These artworks from the Govt. Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh are a wonderful way to understand the relationship we share with our rivers....

Exploring Medieval India’s Towns, Crafts and Trade

Last week, I could only retain my sanity because of a 3-day Museum module with Class 7 of St. Anne's. It was also a great...

India’s Struggle for Freedom : Museum Module for Class 8

  http://https://youtu.be/0FT97Ml1T8g   August has by far been my favourite month, and not to mention the busiest. This module has been the most difficult to make, and...

Colours of India : Creative Inquiry with Class XI & XII

Students from Vivek High are very inspiring for any facilitator. This workshop was no different! We began our morning with students looking at an...

Integrated Learning Module: Animal Secrets & Stories with Class 3, Vivek High

This Module on Animal Secrets & Stories allowed the children to discover and have fun at the Museum of Natural History, Chandigarh. We started our 3-day Module...

Creative Learning through Museums

This year, there 2500+ students who're going to be part of our Integrated Creative Learning program. While that has me excited (and working up...

Summer Workshop : Animal Secrets & Stories

This summer, let your child discover the world of animals through art, storytelling and puppets!!  The Heritage Lab’s Integrated Creative Learning Module on Animal Secrets...

Integrated Cultural and Creative Learning (ICCL) through Museums

February started with a spree of young 6th-graders joining the ICCL workshop series hosted by The Heritage Lab at the Govt. Museum & Art...

From Siddharth to Buddha

At sharp 10:30 in the morning, a stream of students walked into the Museum Auditorium - for many of them, it was the first...
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