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Some of the oldest stories about exotic beasts and rare herbs,  discoveries and explorations; travels and journeys, bravery and treachery; about battles won and lost, about secrets of the cosmos, and tales of destruction, accounts of friendship, love & compassion; resilience and industry – you find them all at museums!

We just love sharing them.

‘Darvesh’ : The S.L. Parasher sculpture inspired by an ancient Sufi dance

The ‘Darvesh’ is a sculpture by eminent partition era artist and sculptor S.L. Parasher. Made in mulberry wood, it’s one of Parasher’s expressionist pieces...

The ‘Jaipur Procession’ that inspired the world’s second largest oil painting

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but whoever said ‘less is more’ has clearly not set their eyes on this painting! Measuring 196"...
sheba chhachhi locust time environment art

Locust Time: Environmental Art by Sheba Chhachhi

The swarm of Locusts seen across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are the latest instalment of the plague-like conditions that India is battling...

The fascinating story behind this 19th century portrait of three princesses from Mysore

This portrait, painted by the Irish-born painter Thomas Hickey, marks a crucial point in India's colonial history, and Mysore, in particular. In the painting,...
Futuh Al-Haramayn pilgrims guide to Hajj

Futuh Al-Haramayn : a pilgrim’s guide to Hajj | National Museum New Delhi

Each year, millions of muslims from around the world, gather together to undertake the holy journey, "Hajj". Hajj is also the fifth pillar of...

The ‘Lion Capital’: a Buddhist symbol that became India’s National Emblem

The National Emblem, India's most visible symbol of national identity, reflects the country's reaffirmation of it's ancient ideals of peace and tolerance. Adapted from...

Meghdoot : a Kalidas masterpiece painted by Ramgopal Vijaivargiya

Monsoons in India, are undoubtedly the most-awaited time of the year. This is probably why you will find numerous representations of the rainy season...

The Story of Mahavira: Kalpasutra Manuscript

At the age of thirty, a Kshatriya Prince from Bihar renounced the comforts of his palace to seek spiritual awakening. By the age...
nur jahan leadership

Nur Jahan: a portrait from the Rampur Raza Library reveals her courage & leadership

The Mughal Queen Nur Jahan is one of the prominent women in Mughal history. Even then, there are hardly enough historical sources that cover...

Muraqqa-i-Chughtai : The Illustrated Poetry of Ghalib

The Muraqqa-e-Chughtai, Diwan-i-Ghalib is one of the most fascinating objects from the Partition Museum, Amritsar. With this illustrated selection of Ghalib's poems published in...
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