musical instruments national museum

Sharan Rani Gallery of Musical Instruments, National Museum Delhi

SOUNDCITE_CONFIG = {soundcloud_client_id: "2t9loNQH90kzJcsFCODdigxfp325aq4z"} A brass drum from Rajasthan, a Rabab from Kashmir , Edison's patented phonograph,  a glass Mridangam and so many other instruments...

CSMVS Mumbai Guide : Director’s Top 10 Picks

It is not for nothing that CSMVS (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Vastu Sangralaya) Mumbai  is India’s best museum. The museum is home to more than...

Vechaar Utensil Museum Ahmedabad

During Akbar's rule, a local revolt in Ahmedabad had the Great Emperor ride down from Fatehpur Sikri with 3000 horsemen at lightening speed (9...

Kite (Patang) Museum, Ahmedabad : Discover an Ancient Sport

The first of its kind in the country and the second in the world (the other one is in Osaka, Japan), the Kite Museum...

Virasat-e-Khalsa : A Museum on Sikh Heritage

A masterpiece of rich Sikh culture and religious history, the `Virasat-e-Khalsa` is located in the holy city of Anandpur Sahib, the birthplace of the Khalsa. Conceived as...
salarjung museum

Virtual Tour: SalarJung Museum, Hyderabad

If you are visiting the City of the Nizams, then you simply cannot miss the SalarJung Museum.  With 38 galleries spread over 2 floors,...

Indian Museum, Kolkata: A History of Indian Sculpture

A nondescript placard on the wall reads: “Buddhist Stupa, 2nd Century BC, Bharhut, Madhya Pradesh.” I turn around and almost knock into a magnificent red...
RBI Museum

The RBI Museum, Mumbai : A History of India’s Currency

The last 10 days have only been about coming to terms with the currency demonetisation. And just like every cloud has a silver lining,...
Jaya He Museum

Jaya He Museum : A Review

Possibly India’s largest public artwork project to date, Jaya He Museum at the Mumbai International Airport, spans across Terminal 2 and is a landmark...

Shaurya Samarak, Bhopal : A War Memorial that Inspires Patriotism

I have always felt that we do not know enough about the lives of our soldiers, their work profile, and we do not have...
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