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Do-It-Yourself Heritage Walks and Monument Tours

The Mughal Charbagh : Paradise Gardens on Earth

The root word for Paradise, pairidaēza (in Persian) means "walled garden" - and just like the word, the (Mughal) Charbagh gardens too,...
burrabazaar multicultural calcutta

The Bylanes of Burrabazaar: A Tribute to Calcutta’s Pluralism

One of the oldest neighbourhoods of Kolkata, Burrabazaar is famous for being India's largest wholesale market. Over the centuries, Burrabazaar has witnessed...
chattisgarh temples

The Temple Treasures of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, or 'the land of 36 forts' , is endowed with an exceptional natural elegance and a resplendent cultural heritage. The state...

Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossoms : Ukiyo-e by Hiroshi Yoshida | Japan

Ukiyo-e is perhaps Japan's most loved art forms; Sakura-season being it's most beautiful. Imagine, if the two came together! With Hiroshi Yoshida's...

Monumental Feats of Mughal Women : 7 Iconic Spots in Delhi

Of the Mughal era-monuments in Delhi, many were built under the patronage of the Empire's women. But somehow, the story of their...

Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb, Agra : A Daughter’s Gift

In the chaos of Agra and its many bridges, one could easily miss this elegant pavilion on the riverbank. As one drives...
shah begum tomb

Shah Begum’s Tomb in Allahabad

When we speak of Mughal women in the context of Jahangir, Nur Jahan is the first one who comes to mind. However,...

Nurmahal : Nur Jahan’s serai in heart of Punjab

Who doesn't know Nur Jahan? The wife of Emperor Jehangir, the Padshah Begum was truly an influential figure at the Mughal court....

In Paintings: Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) Amritsar

According to latest news, photography and videography is now banned  at the Golden Temple complex at Amritsar! Could it mean, artists painting views of...
Visual guide Rani Ki Vav

A Visual Guide to the Rani Ki Vav

India is perhaps the only country in the world where one gets to see the unique Stepwell-architecture.  a testimony to water management systems in...
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