“A Typical Shantiniketan Girl” and other identities of Rani Chanda

Rabindranath Tagore’s daughter-figure, Nandalal Bose’s student, Abanindranath Tagore’s co-painter, Mukul Dey’s sister, writer, nurse and a freedom fighter in her own right; Rani Chanda...

Pursuit of a Dream: Elizabeth Brunner and India

Born in 1909 Nagykaniza, a small town in Hungary, Elizabeth Brunner was the daughter of painters Ferenc Sass and Elizabeth Sass-Brunner. Her story is...

How Sister Nivedita’s contribution to Indian art history shaped the National Movement

The Irish-born educationist, author, social activist and thinker, Margaret Elizabeth Noble (1867-1911), a.k.a Sister Nivedita, was a significant contributor to the field of women’s...
Mah Laqa Chanda Bai

Mah Laqa Bai Chanda

Poet, Singer, Dancer, Warrior, Political Consultant, Champion for Girls’ education : Mah Laqa Bai donned many hats. Indian history has witnessed many inspiring women...
madhvi parekh art

How Madhvi Parekh’s art inspires us to keep learning

Does education end with school? Or do we stop learning once we graduate? At The Heritage Lab, we aspire to learn (and share what...
5 women artists of india

5 women artists of India that you must know!

Chances are, if you googled "women artists of India", you'd come across a series of lists, with some names being common to every compilation....
amrita shergil

Looking at the art of Amrita Shergil : feat. Activity Sheet!

There are few in India who are unfamiliar with the name of 'Amrita Shergil'. The popular artist, an icon for many, even has a...
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