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When you think of Japan, the first artwork that comes to mind is “The Great Wave”. This world-famous, iconic work by Hokusai is a fine example of the Ukiyo-e art form.

the great wave hokusai
Hokusai’s Great Wave of Kanagawa

Imagine if one of Japan’s most loved art forms, Ukiyo-e, crossed paths with the country’s most beautiful season, Sakura! In this article, we take a look at 8 scenes of Cherry blossoms created by the artist Hiroshi Yoshida and delve deeper into the Ukiyo-E art form.

Ukiyo-e is older than Hokusai’s Great Wave (1829-1833), though it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Hokusai and his peers popularized the art form! The name of the technique means Floating (Uki) World (yo) Pictures (e); the term actually refers to the themes of these prints – entertainment, dance, leisurely activities, cherry blossom viewing, etc. According to Wikipedia, this is aptly described as the “urban lifestyle – especially the pleasure seeking aspects of the Edo period in Japan”

And that brings us to Hiroshi Yoshida’s Cherry Blossoms – because what is life in Japan without the magical blooming season?

At the end of the Meiji period in Japan, there was renewed interest in Ukiyo-e. There was a creative prints movement (sosaku hanga) and there was a modern-prints movement (shin hanga); Hiroshi Yoshida was one of the greatest artists of the Shin-Hanga style, especially known for his landscapes. While he travelled to India, and created some wonderful prints of the Golden Temple, Taj Mahal, etc., in this post, we’re particularly focusing on his Sakura-season chase.

Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossom

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1. Arashiyama

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