Childhood Nostalgia : in the art of Paritosh Sen

Do you remember waiting for summer evenings so you could enjoy a Kulfi? Or the time you couldn’t let go off a simple paper-toy? Whether it was flying a kite or running after one or simply rolling a tyre, childhood certainly had a magical quality. Take a look at these artworks by Paritosh Sen, and revisit those childhood memories!

The world when seen through the eyes of children is definitely a simpler place, but in the world we occupy, children often have to cope with devastation and disasters. Sen’s paintings in response to the Tsunami of 2004 – Boy floating paper boats, Girl with a broken doll and Life Goes On – gives us a child’s view on destruction.

The Dhaka-born artist and illustrator, Paritosh Sen was one of the founding members of the Calcutta Group . Sen’s caricature-style works often bear strong satirical undertones.

Boy on a Swing, 1997

Watercolour on paper.
Christie’s Amsterdam 2010

Rath Yatra, 1994

Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection, Putrajaya

Young Girl Making Soap Bubbles, 2001

Acrylic on Canvas
Saffron Art 2013

Girl with a palm-leaf toy

The puppet-toy is indigenously crafted in Bengal and Odisha even today. It is called “Taal Pata’r Shepai

Image: collection of Gallery G, Bangalore

Children Eating Kulfi, 2006

Acrylic on canvas
StoryLtd, Absolute Tuesdays March ’22

Girl with a skipping rope, 2005

Ink on Paper

as seen in the South Asian Art: Monochrome auction – December 2021, Artiana

Untitled 2005

Watercolour and acrylic on mount board

Private Collection (Mumbai)
StoryLtd, Absolute Tuesdays July 2021

Girl with the Broken Doll, 2005

Acrylic on Canvas

as seen on Astaguru: Modern & Contemporary Indian Art September, 2011

Girl with the Broken Doll, 2005

Life Goes On, 2005

Acrylic on canvas
Astaguru: Modern Indian Art Collectors Choice June 23 – 24, 2022

Girl Watching Lizards, 2006

Sensitivité – Indian Art Gallery, Kolkata

Girl feeding birds, 2006

Acrylic on canvas
Galerie88, Kolkata.

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