#MuseumJigsaw : a Phulkari from Punjab

Phulkari, which literally translates as ‘Flower Work’, is synonymous with the culture of Punjab. This embroidery is made using coloured silken threads – a darn stitch on the reverse side of a cloth (Khaddar) piece. But the Phulkari is much more than a textile – woven deeply into history of Punjab, it has witnessed the partition, industrial reforms and changing fashion trends.

Can you piece this Phulkari work from the Partition Museum together?

Helpful Tips

# puzzle pieces might just be on top of each other – look carefully!

# make sure you have observed the image before you start. In case you need to see the image again, scroll down or hit the picture icon on the bottom left.

#hint: We found it easier to piece together the border pieces on the right, first.

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Could you guess the animals featured in the Phulkari ? This priceless textile piece was donated to The Partition Museum by the family of Chote Lal Bharany.

The Phulkari of Punjab

There are many types of Phulkaris and each has a distinct set of motifs and purpose. For example, the Sainchi phulkari is a narrative one. It tells stories of village / everyday life and includes human-motifs!

Explore more about Phulkaris, with this free downloadable worksheet and resource from the Partition Museum

When you look at a Phulkari, you’d surely admire it for it’s aesthetic value. But look deeper, and you’d find it to be a textile with immense cultural, historical & political relevance. In displaying and sharing the stories of Phulkari, the Partition Museum constructs valuable & educational encounters with the (uncomfortable) past.

About The Partition Museum

The Partition Museum is the world’s first Museum dedicated to narrate the story of the Partition through the voices of the millions who lived through it. It is a People’s Museum that houses one of the largest collections of Partition memories in the form of objects, oral histories, documents and archival & personal photographs. The Museum is housed in the historic Town Hall building located in the heart of Amritsar, India. 

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The Partition Museum housed in the historic Town Hall building in Amritsar and is a five-minute walk from Jallianwala Bagh and the Golden Temple. The museum has a growing archive and continues to collect memories and objects of Partition Survivors for future generations to understand the most defining event in the Indian subcontinent.  

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