Exhibit Asia : Curatorial Fellowship

    Investigating trans-national histories, regional dynamics and nation-state formation in partitioned and postcolonial regions in South and East Asia, through the lens of exhibitions.

    Collaboration Snapshot
    Partners : Royal Holloway, University of London and National Museum of Taiwan History
    Work : 1) concept development for the fellowship 2) mentoring youth (from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, China and UK) towards developing an online-exhibition
    3) exhibition production

    The partition of South Asia has been compared to several others globally – most notably to Ireland, Palestine, and Greece and Turkey. In its turn, the re-structuring of political geography in China, Taiwan and Japan not only affected communities in those three places, but also had a wider and longer impact in East Asia and beyond.

    India/ Pakistan and Taiwan/ China started out as contested entities that had to produce their own sense of national identity and culture from a shared past. What role did exhibitions, arts and material culture play in this process?  

    The Exhibit Asia project seeks to address this striking gap while exploring the realities of a shared past and the role of exhibitions, arts & material culture.  

    As a student- and public-facing part of this academic enquiry, the Exhibit Asia Curatorial Fellowship is an intensive international programme, conducted online. The outcome will be an online exhibition that launches on 24 July 2023 on The Heritage Lab

    View Exhibition Here : Tea & Tigers

    Fellows will gain new knowledge and historical understanding of events and regions that they may be less familiar with; learn new skills such as interpreting and communicating academic history to non-specialist audiences in creative, digital ways; learn to work with colleagues from across the world; and present their work at an international conference from 31 August – 2 September 2023 at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

    The Heritage Lab is thrilled to be working with such a diverse cohort of Fellows, and excited about hosting the virtual exhibition that they will curate.

    Organizers and partners

    Organized by the Centre for Global South Asia (Royal Holloway, University of London) with the National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH)

    Lead Convenors : Dr. Mrinalini Venkateswaran and Dr. Weipin Tsai (RHUL) and Prof. Lung-Chih Chang, Director, NMTH

    Academic partners for the Curatorial Fellowship are: Prof Edward Vickers, Kyushu University; Dr Layli Uddin, Queen Mary; Dr Shaila Bhatti, Associate Professor, National College of Arts Lahore; Dr Latika Gupta, Delhi University; Dr Edward Weech, The Royal Asiatic Society; and Prof Sarah Ansari and Dr Markus Daechsel, Royal Holloway. 

    The Approach Of The Emperor Of China To His Tent In Tartary To Receive The British Ambassador / Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
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