Exploring Calcutta’s Avadhi Legacy

Submitted by : Kavita Chowdhury

Moving back in time ! Yes, there was aptly the clock tower where we started in Metiabruz, exploring Calcutta’s Avadhi legacy. Trying to piece together how intricate Lucknow’s connections with Calcutta were/ are dating back to the days of Wajid Ali Shah in Garden Reach.

The imposing Shahi Imambara and its grand chandeliers , the remnants of smaller structures strikingly beautiful with glass inlay work, the nawabi legacy strewn across the area in the Kite shops, the paan shops, the darzi the tailors.

#LostGlory : The GangaJumni ‘tehzeeb’ & culture along the River Hooghly Meeting Saini Shahi the paanwala whose ancestors served the Lucknavi paan to the royal household.

Delighted to know that the ubiquitous Fish which plays such an important part in the life of Bengal, was also considered a good omen by the Mughals! It was also a poignant reminder of how the Emperor pined for his erstwhile life in Lucknow – pursuing the arts, the culture, the literature and in reviving that forged a syncretic culture in this new land.

(Walk : November 28)

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Exploring Calcutta’s Avadhi Legacy