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From Siddharth to Buddha

At sharp 10:30 in the morning, a stream of students walked into the Museum Auditorium – for many of them, it was the first ever visit to a museum, and so they were naturally all quite excited.
A few minutes into the first part of our session (Storytelling and Introduction), the 6th graders familiarised themselves with the concept of a museum and expressed all that they thought they would see and hoped to learn from the Gandhara exhibit at the Govt. Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh.
By the end of the first half of the workshop, they could identify the Eight-Fold Path, a Stupa and became acquainted with the basics of Buddha’s teachings.
Up in the gallery, the students in groups worked on a Treasure Hunt game, their drawings and challenged each other while completing their activity books. Of course, with a little help from the museum staff, they could identify the various artefacts and correlate them to the descriptions in the story already told to them.
We ended on a note to come back to the museum with parents and explore more.
As for us, it was a fun-filled morning, and absolutely re-energizing!
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