GIF IT UP 2022 features Indian art from DAG’s collection

In 2020, DAG Museums shared 13 artworks with an open license. These works inspired more than a 100 GIFs that we have loved, and used over the last two years. In the 2022 edition of the global GIF IT UP Campaign hosted by Europeana, these artworks have been GIF’ed up yet again!

You can also take a look at other art-gifs and vote for your favourite ones till November 19, 2022.

Santhal Couple, Surendranath Kar

GIF by: Nikola Terauda (Liepaja,Latvia)

Untitled (Cat Stealing Prawn)

GIF by: Simona Simanovica (Liepaja, Latvia)

Untitled (by Chittaprosad)

GIF by: Luca Nemeth (Budapest,Hungary)

Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid at Delhi (drawn and engraved by Thomas Daniell)


GIF by: Anete Strunga (Liepaja, Latvia)

Untitled (by Nandalal Bose)

GIF by: Fazekas Valentin (Budapest,Hungary)

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