How to make your own art GIFs

Easy GIF making for the Beginner

Is this your first time making a GIF? Never worked on photoshop and have no clue how to make GIFs? This simple tutorial is for you! We’ve also got a few trusty guides that’ll help you to create the GIF of your choice!

1. Tutorial : Make an animated GIF by changing colours

For a simple colour-changing GIF, it is best to choose artwork that has more solid colours (less shades); the images can be flowers, lamps or fascinating headgear. Let your imagination flow! We chose this image from the Wellcome Collection that shows a girl performing (perhaps in front of Maharaja Ranjit Singh)

We used the online Pixlr Editor. The image will open as a ‘Background layer’. Now select the ‘Wand Tool’. This will help us pick up a particular colour.

Add one more Layer (in our case you see Layer 2). However, while using the Wand tool to select colour areas, remember to select on the Background layer only. Zoom in as much as you need to, and select all the coloured parts. Keep the shift key pressed while selecting unconnected colour areas to select multiple areas.

When you’re finished selecting the coloured area using the Magic Wand, click on Layer 2 to select it. We will be colouring on this Layer so that the background layer (original image) remains untouched.

Now choose a colour and Brush size – we will use a hard tip brush for this. The size should depend on the area you need to colour.

Confirm if you’re still on Layer 2, and begin colouring!

When you’re finished colouring, save this image by going to File > Save and download it.

Changing the colours now onwards, is a breeze! Remain on Layer 2, and head to Adjustment > Color Lookup

Here you can select any colour and hit apply! Save the file, and repeat the step till you have created as many colour variations. Save each image individually.

Use any free GIF animator online like EZGIF.COM or Upload all the images, play with speed settings if you don’t like the auto-version and generate your GIF! Download it and share it with the world!

Try another one and make a GIF like this one.

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