Integrated Learning Module: Animal Secrets & Stories with Class 3, Vivek High

This Module on Animal Secrets & Stories allowed the children to discover and have fun at the Museum of Natural History, Chandigarh.

Teacher’s Creative Inquiry Workshop

We started our 3-day Module with Vivek High’s Class 3 with a teacher’s training on creative inquiry. During the short workshop, teachers learnt how to use the Question Dice and came up with some interesting inferences on a wooden-lacquer toy.

Children work in groups on Day 1

At sharp 9, we began the day with the children, who were so excited!! An interactive presentation helped all of us have fun with games on animal habitat and adaptations. We let our imaginations run wild and created our own animal, giving it several interesting features.

Facilitator Athira helps children draw inferences based on the shape of Bird-Beaks

Day 2 was a pleasant day, and it had not started raining yet. Facilitators Athira and Tarannum, led the children to an exploration around the museum looking for evidence for the various creatures it was home to. We were most excited to spot a weaver ant’s nest and spider webs amidst the bushes!  At the museum, Athira worked with the children to  identify different birds with the shape of their beaks and figured out what they ate. On the floor above, Facilitator Tarannum watched the children’s excitement double as they touched replica-fossils and understood the process of Fossilisation. In the end, we played a treasure hunt game and discovered different types of Dinosaurs. We also made our own Dinosaur!!

A student experiments with a Gond Peacock while it rained outside! 

Back in school on Day 3, we learnt about the Gond tribe in Madhya Pradesh and the many stories of mythical animals. The signature patterns of many artists were discussed, and children unleashed their creativity by making their own patterns! Then we all set out to give our favourite animals a “Gond” touch and weaved a story around it!

The real highlight of the workshop was “Ma’am, can we look for more Fossils after class ? ” – it told me how much children had loved the investigation, solving clues and putting together their “reports & presentations”!!

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