MuseumJigsaw : The Bird by K. Madhava Menon

    Over the centuries, many artists have found inspiration from nature – be it the Mughal artist Mansur or the European art master Monet, man’s interest in birds is more than evident in visual art! Our feathered friends have inspired countless paintings, literature, poetry and captivated royals too! Remember the Mughal King Akbar’s fascination with pigeons or the Guru Gobind Singh’s Baaj?

    In art, birds have represented the relationship between man and nature; have been used for social commentary (e.g Tutinama), and given some valuable lessons and spiritual teachings as well. When it comes to Indian modern art, artist Madhava Menon’s relationship with the avians is unmissable.

    In collaboration with Kerala Museum, we bring you the painting ‘The Bird’ by K. Madhava Menon.

    Can you piece this masterpiece together?

    This one’s really easy and fun – though it didn’t seem so at first glance! Here’s how we solved it in 15 minutes: begin with piecing the bird or the thick branches on the right together. Observe the direction of the branches and the shades of the leaves – and you’ll find yourself admiring the painter even more!

    Helpful Tips:

    # puzzle pieces might just be on top of each other – look carefully!
    # make sure you have observed the painting before you start. In case you need to see the image again, scroll down or hit the picture icon on the bottom left
    #Share your finished piece with us using #MuseumJigsaw and tag @theheritagelab & @keralamuseum on Instagram; on Facebook, use @heritagelab and @keralamuseum ! Good Luck!

    About K. Madhava Menon

    Madhava Menon was one of Kerala’s earliest artists to train at Shantiniketan, where he studied under Nandalal Bose. Menon was strongly against modern trends in Indian art, and adhered to the oriental style he developed while in Bengal. He loved nature, and usually painted delicate watercolours of flowers, animals and trees. Menon was also a keen birdwatcher and often painted detailed images of birds he spotted in Kerala.

    K. Madhava Menon painted on a variety of materials. While his paintings are telling of his close observation of nature, could you imagine that he actually painted from memory?

    Here’s another painting by the painter:

    Courtesy: Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi

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