19th century drawings of Lahore and Amritsar by an anonymous British woman artist

‘Original Sketches in the Punjaub. By a Lady’ features views of prominent locations in Amritsar and Lahore. It was compiled from drawings by a woman (c.1852) whose identity remains unknown till date. All we know about her is, that she was ‘the wife of an Officer in the Queen’s Service now with his regiment in India.’

The compilation was published by Dickinson Brothers, ‘Her Majesty’s Publishers’ in 1854. If that name rings a bell, it is because they also published the pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

A leather-bound copy of the published, hand-coloured lithographs rests in the collection of the British Museum. Of the twenty views, 13 feature places in Lahore.

Take a look at the pictures, with notes by the artist, compiled through different auction-sites. 

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