Museums Activities for Kids : Download Now!

Are you an educator / school coordinator who’s constantly planning creative activities for kids? Or a parent looking to engage your kid(s) in interesting and fun learning activities?  You must must must head to a Museum near you! Museum activities for kids can take a bit of planning but trust me, these visits are the most memorable experiences you’d ever craft for the children! In a country like India, most of us have grown up visiting museums in a line with a finger on our lips – but not any more.  Museums are spaces for creative learning and great for some family time!

Our Fun-At-Museums Pack is designed for children and families to engage and enjoy family time at the Museum. It also builds in creative-learning skills and cultural awareness through treasure hunts and challenges designed for different age groups. 

You don’t have to be an art-lover or a history buff to enjoy Museums. This Fun-At-Museums pack can be used at *almost* any museum on the condition that you have great company and are willing to try out new experiences!

activities for kids Activities for Kids include:

The pack contains 4 sheets that come with a 30-minute challenge.

  1. Lets Look : Designed to build observation skills through critical & creative thinking while promoting conversation and engagement with the family and museum display.
  2. Lets Feel : This lets you look closely at the Museum objects to understand emotions through fuelling imagination, expression & creativity.
  3. Lets Learn : Allows you to carefully observe the different materials objects are made of.  This challenge helps to expand your child’s vocabulary too!
  4. Tippy-Tippy-Tap : No childhood is complete without this fun game! Download the template with fun challenges meant to push your creative limits and imagination. For all you Star-Wars fans, good news is that we have a challenge for you too !!

Conducting Museum Activities: How to Use this Pack for Best Results

  1. I always recommend that museum visits with kids should be capped at 45 minutes so that they’re eager to come back next time, plus they don’t get too fatigued.
  2. Use one sheet per visit. That way, you can go to the same museum,  for a new exploration each time!
  3. Use this pack especially when hosting other children (relatives / birthdays etc). You can make small teams and hand over the challenge to each group with a timer on.
  4. Modify / Simplify the questions according your child’s age.
  5. COMMUNICATE with your child about the choices they make during the Challenge. Connect it with your own experiences for some extra laughs!

I hope you have fun with the activities and enjoy your Museum-visits even better. If you do happen to embark on an adventure, I’d be waiting to hear from you!