Bringing the Jungle into the Museum: Activity Guide on Birds & Animals

The National Museum Delhi has an activity booklet on Birds and Animals for young visitors.  Designed like a treasure hunt, this activity guide is sure to be a hit among kids and adults alike! Parents and teachers will find it especially useful when taking kids for an outing at the Museum.

From the Cave Man, to Mughal artists; from Vishnu’s first avatar being a fish, to the Tiger being synonymous with Tipu Sultan; animals and birds have held special significance throughout history. But did you ever think it would be possible to go bird watching in a museum? Or take an animal safari among its galleries? Well, here’s your chance-

You can download the Activity Book here! 

Actvity Guide National Museum

As you go around the National Museum Birds & Animals Trail, why not revisit some of our favourite animal / bird friends:

  1. Immortalised by the likes of William Blake, the national animal of India is a graceful yet ferocious beast. Read on find out about the man who called himself the Tiger of Mysore and his iconic Tiger automata-toy as well as MF Hussain’s painting inspired by both!
  2. Did you know the the Peacock  was truly an icon even before it became the National Bird of India? From the Peacock Throne to the Mayur Veena, the bird is spotted in all kinds of art, architecture, objects and legends and has great significance to all corners of the country!
  3. Speaking of birds, have you heard about the French rooster who perches in Chandigarh? Signifying ‘a new dawn’, it was the brainchild of none other than Le Corbusier.
  4. And lastly, the crowdpleaser! Who doesn’t love precious puppers and doggos- come explore 21 of our furry pawed friends in Indian Art!

So the next time you visit the National Museum, take this activity guide along and keep an eye out for unsuspecting birds and animals who are hiding in plain sight. Don’t forget to visit our page on the National Museum for more such trails and guides.

If you have used the trail, let us know what you thought, in the comments!

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