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OpenGLAM is a global movement advocating open access to cultural heritage. As cultural heritage institutions around the world digitize their collections, there are many reflections and questions about public access to digital cultural heritage.

Open GLAM Now! is a webinar series focusing on how galleries, libraries, archives and museums can open up towards their audiences with the help of digital data and media.

The aim is that visitors can use data and become active participants within the institution. In this series, both Swedish and international speakers present their work in the context of digital cultural heritage data.

Produced by Larissa Borck for the Swedish National Heritage Board

Access the Webinar Series here

This introductory webinar series addresses questions on open collections data to support digital transformation in the cultural heritage sector. Over 9 sessions, explore:

  • How can institutions work with organizations like Wikimedia and Europeana?
  • Why should institutions use open-licenses?
  • How can museums work with digital open data
  • How can digital collections enhance visitor experience / engage vistors?
  • How can physical / digital visitors contribute to the museum’s knowledge?
  • What role does data play in making cultural heritage institutions accessible?
  • What processes do institutions need in their transformation?

Watch the videos / read the takeaways by visiting the link or clicking on the picture above.

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Larissa Borck | Swedish National Heritage Board
Larissa Borck | Swedish National Heritage Board
A digital heritage professional based in Europe & an OpenGLAM enthusiast. Working at the Swedish National Heritage Board to open up cultural heritage institutions by digital means.

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