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Reflections on India's Independence

 open call : digital reflections

Battles for Freedom

Develop a story spotlighting the significance of known or lesser known uprisings, protests, conflicts & battles which shaped the freedom-movement. 

'The Last Effort and Fall of Tippoo Sultaun', 1802 Henry Singleton, engraved by N. Schiavonetti

In the popular perception, India as a nation was forged out of a series of anti-colonial struggles...

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

The Traffic of Trade

Investigate India’s role in world-history through the lens of trade and inter-ocean exchanges - the history of Traders and Trading communities; businesses, commodity culture & cultural influences that have shaped us. 

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

'Garden Reach', 1848 Charles D'Oyly

See India

Dedicate your stories to tourists and those exploring India; Give a spin to erstwhile travel writers’ reflections of India, Create your own culture/heritage routes or show us your neighbourhood / city through a photo-essay. 

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

railways have had an enduring impact not only on politics, environment and the economy, but also on India’s culture...

Ajanta, 1977 Rabin Halder

Reclaiming the Past 

Reel Vs. Real : how do we interpret the portrayal of India, its people, craftsmanship, culture etc. through the paintings, photos archives, prints, & retell the stories through the lens of our shared experiences? How do we counter colonial legacies of privilege & power ?

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

Entrance to Chaitya Hall, Karle, c. 1930 N. R. Sardesai

Exhibit India

In the years after India’s Independence, what has been the role of visual & performing arts or cinema in building “India” or in cultivating our sense of belonging? In your stories, stir up some nostalgia and celebrate the iconic milestones in art or people who defined 20th century culture. 

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

'Shatranj ke Khiladi', 1977 Nemai Ghosh

From Colonial to National

Several sites and institutions “underwent changes in name, designation, and use through the early decades of India as a modern nation”. In your stories, trace the history of these places, and deliberate on the significance of change.  

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

Institute of Science (and now also National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai), c. 1947 A. S. Tendulkar

Shaping the Nation 

The 200 year old freedom struggle witnessed countless sacrifices and contributions by the people of the subcontinent. Soldiers, Traders, Adivasis, Writers, School Students, Political Activists …Celebrate these ‘Incredible Indians’ in your stories! 

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

Dr Ambedkar, 1980, V.B Pathare


The jubilation of Independence was followed by the horrors of a tragic partition and Gandhi’s death. In your stories, turn the spotlight to the 1950s in India and the making of a Republic.  The first elections, the first IITs, land reforms - delve into the hopes, aspirations and anxieties of a new nation. 

Exhibition Open Call: March To Freedom

‘Concert’, 1949 Haren Das

digital reflections on
 india's independence

march to freedom

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