Recounting the inventions in Photography through vintage cameras at MuseoCamera

Museo Camera, is a photographer’s dream! This museum has vintage cameras and photographic paraphernalia that bear witness to the evolution of the craft itself. From the Daguerreotype process invented in Europe to the popular made-in-India field camera ‘Vageeswari Vijay’, the museum introduces us to the history of photography through inventions over centuries.

Chromolithograph depicting Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and Claude Félix Abel Niépce. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Located in the heart of Gurugram city, ‘Museo Camera’ is the largest not-for-profit crowd funded Centre for Photographic Arts in South East Asia. It comprises a Museum which houses a collection of over 2,500 cameras & photographic equipment dating back to the 1850s. The journey of Museo Camera began in 2009 in the basement of photographer, historian, archivist, Aditya Arya as a personal collection of photographic equipment. Collected over a period of 45 years, it is India’s largest collection of vintage photographic equipment today.

Take a look at 7 rare and vintage cameras from our collection.

1. DAGUERROTYPE (1839-60)

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