Which Battle of Plassey camp are you in?

In 1757, the Battle of Plassey was fought between the Nawab of Bengal Siraj ud-Daulah and the British Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Clive. The history of the battle is usually polarised. While Indian’s hail Siraj ud-Daulah as a hero fighting against colonial oppression, there is the victor’s point of view which justifies Clive’s actions as a reaction to imprisonment of British officials in the ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’.

In history, it is not always easy to assign labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Each person has distinctive story to tell. Sudeep Chakravarti’s book ‘Plassey: The Battle That Changed The Course of Indian History‘ introduces us to a larger range of characters and unfolds their roles slowly, substantiated with a variety of sources.

Have you ever wondered which side of history you’d be on? Would you be in cahoots with the Company Camp? Or would you stand with the new Nawab? Well wonder no more! These 5 seemingly random questions will determine which camp you would have picked.

Disclaimer! This is just a fun quiz based on broad generalisations! Don’t take it to heart if you don’t get what you expected 🙂

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Were you satisfied with your result? Or did they shock you? Regardless of the camp you were sorted into, we hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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