In Pictures : 14 portraits of Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, India’s most prominent cultural icon and it’s first Nobel Laureate was a poet, novelist, playwright, educator – and an institution in himself.

When you think of Tagore, the ‘Renaissance Man’ – you probably imagine a tall bearded man, arms folded at the back, with a silent downward gaze. This is why, it is such a delight to see a younger version of the Tagore in a rare portrait by his nephew Abanindranath. The portrait is now missing – so it’s all the more a treasure!

‘Gurudev’ – an apt moniker for him – influenced people in ways that perhaps even he couldn’t imagine. He was known for taking students under his wing, but what is truly remarkable is the wingspan – the variation in medium and genre that he impacted, knowingly or unknowingly.

Through a plethora of portraits made by both his students, and artists we celebrate Rabindranath Tagore: India’s most loved and revered artist of all time.

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