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Talk about the Partition using Artworks; guide students to create their own creative responses using different mediums
 A Visual History of the Partition of India 

Who was the greatest Mughal Emperor? Enable students to research about different Emperors, to come up with the answer. How to use Mughal art and objects at the National Museum New Delhi to collect evidence.

Understanding Aurangzeb through the lens of a European King. Includes Activity Ideas.

Our Environment : a project on Rivers using art from the Government Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh | suitable for
Grade 4

Nur Jahan holding a Gun : a painting, a podcast, and classroom discussion / activity ideas.

Nationalism and Art in India

Explore the link between Ganesh Chaturthi and the Nationalist Movement

Revisiting the Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre through art.

and more…

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Get familiar with the Elements of Art with this amazing video series.

Enable Children & Adults to  Look at Art with these Activities based on the works of top artists from India

15 Simple Ways to Make the Visitor Experience Memorable

Get started on Digitizing the Museum Collection with this resource on Planning the Digitization Project

Learn about the different conservation techniques from the Conserve the Collection – Publication by CSMVS, Mumbai

Are you planning your next exhibition ? Here are  8 tips to create a powerful Museum Exhibition

How do you create an engaging Crowdfunding campaign for your Museum? Here are some examples to inspire your next campaign!