World Heritage Week Contest: Spotlighting Monuments & Museums

This November, we are celebrating World Heritage Week AND Wikipedia’s Asia Month with two special contests. Read more to find out how you can participate (and win prizes!).

The World Heritage Week is celebrated during 19-25th November each year around the world. We invite you to join our visual celebration by engaging with a museum & its collection. You can do this digitally or by heading to a museum near you!

Click on the arrows below to expand information on the two contests we are hosting.

Contest 1 : Indian Heritage Online : Look at, and Describe art (19-25 November)

We are hosting a second edition of this contest, encouraged by the response and the impact last year.

There are countless Indian monuments and places that feature in paintings, photographs, prints and collections of museums, libraries and archives. However, sometimes their descriptions are not accurate. Many times, these images are not even easily findable. This contest invites you to look at pictures of Indian monuments from prominent archives; upload and describe them on Wikimedia Commons in English and one more language (of your choice). Teams will be assigned collections on the 17th of November at the Contest Kickoff; those who successfully complete the tasks of the contest, win prizes.

🏆 Winning Team prize: 10,000 INR; Runner Up Team prize 6000 INR

To participate, register (individually or in teams) by Nov 14, 2023. Rules and more details in the form.

Contest 2 : Visit a museum. Tell us about it by November 30, 2023

This contest invites you to tell us about a museum (or exhibition) you visited in 2023 (anywhere in Asia)! In a format* of your choice tell us about the museum or its collection in 800 words or more.

You submission must cover one of the following topics:

– architecture of the museum
– history of the museum
– a thematic or guided look featuring some collections or highlights of the collection (examples)
– a curator-interview about a collection

*Formats: a photo essay, article or illustrated story, video (minimum 2 minutes; maximum 6 minutes).

Your submission will also be shared on Wikimedia platforms, so make sure that the images used belong to you.

Those working at museums / galleries / libraries are also eligible to participate.

🏆 Prizes:

Under 18 category : 8,000 INR (First Prize); 5,000 (First Runner up)

Over 18 category : 12,000 INR (First Prize); 9,000 INR (First Runner Up); 6000 INR (Second Runner Up)

Make a Submission

The above contests are open to residents of India only.

Are you as excited as us? Don’t forget to spread the word!

For any questions, please use the comment space below.

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