What is GIF-it-Up?

GIFs enliven any conversation – in a span of a few seconds, they allow us to communicate emotions, reactions and are an engaging way of capturing attention. Imagine, if we used the power of GIFs to bring cultural heritage collections to life! Take a look at some of our favourite art-GIFs here. Making art accessible and part of mainstream conversation is our goal at The Heritage Lab and we’re so thrilled to bring this movement to India – and create a platform for experiments and engagement with museum collections. This has been made possible because of DAG Museums’ enthusiasm and spirited approach, alongside Europeana’s support and guidance.

The GIF-It-Up India challenge runs all through July and while we have prizes worth 74,000/- to be won; we also have an awesome Jury leading the selection of the best GIFs: Alexandra Strzelichowska (Online Marketing specialist from Europeana); Gurpreet Sidhu (Founder, People Tree), Orijit Sen (Co founder, People Tree; Graphic artist and Designer); Upamanyu Bhattacharyya (Independent artist and animator)

For this exciting celebration of cultural heritage and open access, we have partnered with Europeana who has been hosting GIFitUp for 6 years now. This international competition is held during October annually with several museums and libraries opening up digitized collections for public use. Europeana works with thousands of European archives, libraries and museums to share cultural heritage for enjoyment, education and research.

DAG Museums is an initiative of DAG World, that aims to build a shared public legacy of the best of Indian Modern Art. With three museums and museum-exhibitions across Delhi, Varanasi and Kolkata, at some of the most iconic heritage monuments, DAG Museums is building cultural spaces for critical engagement, creative expression and inclusive communities.


Iconic works of art endure because they continue to be reinterpreted, and engaging with the past becomes a way to reimagine the present. In this spirit, we hope that making art works from our collection available for all to remix and re-animate can be a step towards making art democratic and an integral part of our everyday lives.

Sumona Chakravarty, Deputy Director Ghare Baire, DAG Museums

“As they’re easy to use and universally supported, GIFs are everywhere. They are used to complement conversations, convey reactions, show important moments from pop-culture and illustrate things in a quick and simple way. But they’re an art form as well. Openly licensed digitised content is a perfect material for making this kind of art while discovering cultural heritage”

Aleksandra Strzelichowska, Senior Online Marketing Specialist, Europeana

GIF IT UP is one of the most successful examples of digital public engagement and community building. by bringing it to india & opening this challenge to indian audiences, we hope to demonstrate the value of open access to cultural heritage.

Medhavi Gandhi, Founder, The Heritage Lab

Want to host GIF IT UP in October with the world?